Brea Productions is the Home of the Brenda B Show

Brea Productions is the Home of the Brenda B Show


Brenda and Deems started two years ago as a combination of fun and musical excitement fund raiser band named the DB5 that played multi genres of music to help the veterans of Coatesville Veterans Hospital.

Deems Palmer is a 40 year veteran who led the band and dancers were employed for all fund raisers with additional special guest artists.

Although COVID hit and devastated the economy, that did not stop Brenda Bianchi and Deems Palmer from wanting to spread some happiness and hope to eager audiences even though we were all confined to our houses. Brenda came up with the idea for the Brenda B Show.

The Brenda B Show started as a show featuring a combination of dance, all types of music, comedy routines along with jokes.

The show evolved towards rock songs, pop songs, classic Motown and songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s as well as country music. Brenda and Deems brought her audiences fun facts and history about the artist and their music as well as fun facts in that day in Pop Culture added some humor and a super positive energy to each show.

There is now a library of 128 episodes on their YouTube channel of The Brenda B Show. The Brenda B Show gained an international online following from the Philippines, Japan, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and many more. Their past shows have over 7000 views on many occasions on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitch. The Brenda Show went live this past December for a concert held in Fort Myers Florida for a happy and appreciative audience.

Brenda and Deems are now taking their show on the road live. The Brenda and Deems aim to promote good vibes and goodwill to audiences at fund raisers, community and music festivals, and private events.

Please contact us at Brea Productions at 484-678-6005 and the Brenda B Show for further information. The Brenda B Show is all about live music, fun and entertainment for all ages.

Love or hate what you see, please let us know what you think.

Thank you and hope to entertain you soon!!