The Brenda B Show Live

The Brenda B Show Live

Hello and thank you for considering Brenda B Live for your event. We are all about entertaining you and having fun with our audiences of all ages.

You can have music tailored specifically for your event at no extra charge. Please review our song list and feel free to submit specific songs for your event and we will accommodate all of your suggestions with either live performances or on with DJ music so there is no interruption of the entertainment for your event.

We provide a combination of live classic rock and classic pop music, a bit of comedy and musical trivia.

We are willing to negotiate the price with the addition of more DJ music and less live performance time. We normally will provide 3 50 minute sets of live performance.

We have a mailing list of over 1000 names as well as posts on our on FaceBook where our live streams have attracted more than 7000 views for some of our past shows.

Visit us at the links below for an extensive video list of our shows from the internet.

Thank you again for considering the Brenda B Show for your event as it is our goal to have fun with audiences of all ages and provide entertainment for your guests.

Peace and be safe!

Brenda B

Producer and Performing Artist

Deems P

Creative Director and Performing Artist